5 Budgeting Apps for Kids!

Prepping your kids to be financially literate is a daunting but necessary part of growing up.

With these 5 budgeting apps, you can now get your little ones off to the right start and help them learn how to deal with money responsibly.

Financial Football
If you have teens or preteens, Financial Football is a nice way to get them interested in learning more about their finances.

Based on American football, the app teaches kids all about saving, budgeting and spending and then using what they’ve accumulated to up their game and expand their teams.

Celebrity Calamity
Another app for your older kids, Celebrity Calamity combines gameplay and finance. Players must act as managers to talented singers and stars and help them manage their budgets in sensible ways.

The app teaches kids the ins and outs of bank accounts and how to use varying bank-issued cards.

RoosterMoney: Allowance and Chores Tracker App
The RoosterMoney app is a rewards system that helps parents and kids manage allowances and keep track of chores. This app grows with the child, allowing them to start with a simple piggy bank system aided by parents all the way to managing their own money. It also allows you to set financial goals as well as reminders.

This virtual piggy bank for your little ones lets you track the allowance they earn digitally and then pay them out at the end of the month. Both kids and parents are able to log in and review earnings and chore lists. Unfortunately, Piggybot is only available to iOS users at the moment.

Kids Finance
This app is great for kids from 8 to 16. It helps empower them to become more financially aware and manage their funds through a series of goals all while promoting the value of saving. Parents are also able to keep track of chores and award the little ones with badges when they achieve their targets.