Top Budgeting Apps To Help You Navigate 2022

If your New Year’s resolution was to become more responsible with your money, then there’s an app for that. With bills from the festive period and the start of the new school year, January can often be a financially stressful period for many of us.
This year get off on the right financial foot with the help of these budgeting apps.

A South African app, 22Seven lets you save, manage your debt and get an overview of your daily spend. Just input your monthly expenses and let the app do the rest by providing you with personalised budget information.
Available on both iPhone and Android.

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance
This is the perfect app to use if you’re sharing your monthly expenses with a family member or partner. The app creates separate envelopes for all your individual expenses – everything from rent to fun nights out are accounted for so you’re always on top of where your money is going.
Available on both iPhone and Android.

Budget Wisely: Monthly Budget Planner
Another South African creation Budget Wisely offers you a summary of both your personal and business finances (should you need it). The app tracks both your income and expenses on a monthly basis and allows you to keep on top of your spending, your savings goals and your joint investments.
Available on both iPhone and Android.

Mint for iPhone
This comprehensive budget app helps you customise your spending goals and keep track of your debt and monthly responsibilities.
Add everything from your cash spend to your investments and monthly bills into the app and learn how you can improve on your spending habits.
Available on iPhone only.

Prepare for financial stability early in 2022. Don’t be left without a safety net when you need it most.
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