6 Weirdest Ways People Broke Their Phones!

Smartphone damage is a part of life. Ever had your smartphone land in a public toilet? Dropped it and shattered your screen while getting off your car? You’re not alone.

But if there’s one thing the Internet has taught us, it’s that there’s always someone who can top your weird story!

We’ve scoured online forums and sites so we could bring you the 6 weirdest ways people have broken their phones!

I can’t come out, I’m washing my phone
First up, we have the wife who came downstairs in the middle of the night to find her sleepwalking husband washing his phone at the sink, thinking he was doing dishes.

Baptism of Tears
A church congregant put his phone in his pocket minutes before walking waist deep into the ocean to be baptised.

Jump Scare
During a tour of a haunted house, a participant was so scared when a “monster” jumped out at her, she screamed and threw her phone up in the air, shattering the screen when it landed.

Burn Notice
It’s true, when we’re hungry we’re just not ourselves. This individual was so distracted he put a pop tart in his pocket and his phone into his toaster!

Spidey Senses Are Tingling
What do you do if you looked down and saw a huge spider next to you? In this case, the quick-thinking smartphone user decided to smash the spider with his phone, completely shattering the device.

Extreme Planking
Planking on solid ground is hard enough. But planking on moving objects with your brand-new phone in your pocket may be even worse.

People will find the most strange and unusual ways to break their smartphones. That’s why it’s best to be fully prepared for every possibility by getting device insurance.

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